Council puts down 22 dogs

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TWENTY-TWO stray dogs were put down by Erewash Borough Council last year according to a Freedom of Information (FoI) request published online.

Of the 173 dogs which entered pounds between January and December 2010, 57 were sent to animal rescue centres and 72 were reclaimed by their owners.

But the remainder, which could not be re-homed, were either taken to Babbington Rescue Centre in Awsworth or ‘euthanised’, the report from Erewash Borough Council’s information officer Stephen Harrold revealed.

The FoI report also said that it keeps records as to which dogs were chipped and which breeds of dog have entered their pounds – but the authority does not know how many dogs were adopted after leaving the council pounds.

The FoI request and response were published on website

The request was sent on Saturday October 8 and a response was received on Monday October 10.

Phillip Wright, director for operational services at Erewash Borough Council said it was normal practice to use local kennels, like Babbington Rescue Centre.

He said: “Our first priority with stray dogs is to try to reunite them with their owners and, if this is not possible, to transfer them to a local kennels where they are held for seven days.

“This time allows the owner to come forward and claim their dog. If the dogs are not reclaimed within this time, then they are transferred over to the kennels which enables them to be suitably re-homed.

“There are, however, some occasions when, sadly, there may be reasons a dog has to be put down, for instance on humane grounds due to the animal’s poor health or when a dog is too aggressive or dangerous to be re-homed.

“In all cases appropriate advice is taken prior to any decision being made.”