Council’s plea for public to light Jubilee beacons

BROXTOWE Borough Council has launched it’s own jubilee appeal to mark the Queen’s 60th anniversary on the throne.

The council is seeking for support to light six beacons across the borough on Monday, July 4, to mark the landmark event as part of the Nottinghamshire-wide target of 48 beacons and the national target to light 2,012 beacons or more on the special day.

A number of local groups and individuals in Broxtowe have already expressed an interest and the council has developed a new web page to help support and promote any events that do take place.

The new Broxtowe web page is already live at with information on setting up a beacon site, street parties, event planning and more. Organisers will also be able to upload details of their events on to the special ‘What’s on Where’ (WOW) pages of the website.

The beacons will be lit from 10pm on July 4 across the world to mark this important moment with the Queen herself lighting the National Beacon following a concert at Buckingham Palace.

If you are planning to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee with a beacon or in any other way, contact Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115 917 3743 or email Also don’t forget to let the Advertiser know so we can get pictures of your events by emailing

More information about the beacons and how to take part can be found on the beacon website at