Council told to work together better

AWSWORTH Parish Council has been told to work better together for the good of the village in an independent report.

The suggestion was made by investigators who cleared a councillor of any wrongdoing after he accused another member of using her position to secure her daughter a job at Kimberley Town Council.

Despite finding Cllr David Buxton not guilty, investigators identified general difficulties within the parish council as a whole, between members and those newly elected in May 2011.

It was recommended that the council looks at ways to improve relations to improve performance for Awsworth.

Cllr Buxton was accused of being abusive towards another councillor and suggesting she was corrupt at a parish council meeting on September 26 last year.

There was no evidence that he had used the word ‘corrupt’ against the complainant but there was evidence of a heated exchange between them. Whether or not the accusation was true, Cllr Buxton genuinely believed his comment was true, the investigator found.