Councillor takes plunge for charity

Cllr Frank Phillips takes the plunge
Cllr Frank Phillips takes the plunge

A COUNCILLOR who plummeted 140ft from a bridge in New Zealand with nothing but an elastic cord tied to his feet, has said he would do it all again.

Cllr Frank Phillips, 65, took the plunge at Kawarau Bridge just before Christmas to raise money for Erewash Community Transport.

Cllr Frank Phillips on the edge

Cllr Frank Phillips on the edge

“It was quite frightening,” he explained.

“When you’re stood on a tiny wooden platform looking down at the river below, you wonder what on Earth you are doing there.”

But rather than run a mile, like most would, the retired teacher and Labour councillor for Ilkeston Central dived headfirst towards the Kawarau River.

“It was fantastic,” he added.

“I would do it again and I’m really chuffed to be able to have done it for charity.”

But it wasn’t all fun as he explained: “It was painful actually. When you do jump, the cord tightens around your feet and all the blood rushes to your head.

“But what nearly killed me was climbing back up 150m of steps after I’d finished.”

The cash will help Erewash Community Transport pay for wheelchair restraints for its vehicles.

Contact Frank on 0115 854 8819 to add to his donations.