Couple facing Christmas in damp and mouldy flat

Mouldy walls: Ellen Dalton.
Mouldy walls: Ellen Dalton.
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A young couple say they are faced with a miserable Christmas after their housing provider has repeatedly failed to sort out a mould and damp problem in their flat.

Ellen Dalton, 23, and her partner Liam Swinfield, have complained to the EMH Homes - formerly known as Three Valleys Housing - several times but no action has been taken despite investigatins into the cause of te problem being carried out.

The pair told the Advertiser that they are having to sleep in the living room because the problem is so bad in their bedroom.

They also say their health is suffering because of the issue which first presented a year ago.

Ellen explained: “I’ve got a throat infection and a serious chest infection and it’s because this has been left to get worse and nothing has been done about it.

“I’ve rang and complained over and over again.”

But EMH Homes told the Advertiser that the couple’s Critchley Street flat is an older property and more prone to damp problems.

Ellen said that the housing provider had told them have been advised not to dry washing on their radiators or in their flat and to keep windows open and their heating on full.

Ellen added: “Who can afford to do that? Bills are high enough already.

“I don’t know what else to do about it, it’s been dragging on for a year now.

“When you open one of the bedroom cupboards there’s a hole in the floor and it goes through to the flat underneath. It can’t be safe.

“We’ve got nowhere else to go so will have to spend Christmas here.”

Chris Ashton, executive director of housing, at EMH Homes, said: We take all complaints seriously and will do what we can to help Miss Dalton solve her damp problem.
“If we canfind it is something we can fix than we will do so.

As a social landlord we’re in the business of providing decent, well maintained homes.
“Equally we expect our tenants to do their bit to ensure their home is kept in good order.”