Courtesy is a revelation

Having been born in Manchester and driven there in my late teens for a few years, then in London for 17 years, moving up to Ilkeston, almost 20 years ago was a revelation.

Even mini-cab drivers (who generally have a rotten press) are so polite, acknowledging you’ve let them through and the reverse – saying thanks, if I’ve done the same.

Standards of courtesy seem to filter through to private drivers and our wonderful Trent Barton bus drivers.

This is so pleasing to help relieve road tension leading to road rage, and to have other drivers acting similarly.

In past times, a horse-drawn vehicle, even from the Roman era, had right-of-way coming up a hill and this is prevalent in our town, provided other factors don’t come into it (cannot say the same in Nottingham or Derby though!)

Lastly, a pet hate of mine and I’m sure of most people, is the lack of a thank you if you’ve put yourself out.

But that’s life!

Dave Hardy