Crackdown on Internet child abuse

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Police in Derbyshire have prosecuted nearly 70 offenders as part of an on-going crackdown on web-based child abuse in the county.

Since the start of 2013, a total of 68 individuals have been prosecuted for indecent images offences, with more than 40 investigations still on-going.

The crackdown comes as the National Crime Agency released statistics for Operation Notarise – a national campaign that has been running for the last six months, during which Derbyshire Constabulary arrested nine people on suspicion of accessing indecent images of children.

Detective Chief Inspector Gareth Meadows, who leads Derbyshire’s child sexual exploitation unit, said: “People with such images on their computers commonly perceive it as a secret crime for which they will not be caught, and they seem to ignore the sickening offending that has to take place to support their perverted and criminal interest.

“Such people need to be aware that we use overt and covert investigative methods to identify them.”