Crash casualties on county roads down

CASUALTIES caused by road crashes across Derbyshire dropped to their lowest level since the 1980s in 2010.

Figures released this week showed the amount of people killed or seriously injured fell by 29 per cent and the number of people injured in crashes involving motorbikes fell by 49 per cent.

Pedestrians injured in collisions fell by 30 per cent, the number of cyclists injured fell by 19 per cent and the number of children injured fell by nine per cent.

Derbyshire police also released figures this week showing that they had smashed road safety targets.

In 2001, the Government set a ten year target to reduce the number of people killed and seriously hurt in collisions by 40 per cent.

In Derbyshire, the target was to reduce the figure to 499, the actual figure for 2010 was 411.