‘Crazy’ success of web photos group

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In just a few months, almost 5,500 Facebook users have joined a group devoted to old photographs of Ilkeston.

Ilson Bygones was set up by Kirk Hallam man Shaun Dolphin .

“I came across on old picture of Kenilworth Drive and I thought, ‘that’s a good image’,” he said. “I set up the group and it was just unbelievable – within two hours there were hundreds of people on there. It’s just gone crazy.”

This photograph added to the group by Shaun, 41. It shows the former shops on Lime Tree Rise, Kirk Hallam. Shaun is looking for anyone who has other pictures of the ‘bottom shops’ as he can’t seem to find any others.

Contact Shaun via the Ilson Bygones page if you can help.