Creative sessions spark imagination at Ilkeston school

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Bright sparks at Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy in Ilkeston took part in an innovative energy workshop designed to inspire schoolchildren.

Energy company E.ON ran the Creative Conductors sessions which saw students using anything from fruit to cardboard to make circuits that enabled them to create instruments and play music via their computers.

The workshops are designed to boost understanding of electricity, conduction and circuits and students are asked to demonstrate their creation at the end of the session.

Matt Price, head of design technology at Saint John Houghton CVA, in Kirk Hallam, said students had gained many skills from the workshops.

He said: “We have had about 40 students, all boys, involved and the idea really was to raise their aspirations. The sessions went really well, they were very fast paced and it was great for students to gain experience of working in a team and see their ideas come to life.”

Products that the students made included a conductive glove for people with limited hand movement that could play sounds, an interactive dinosaur that made animal sounds and a sound machine that looked and worked like a drum kit.

Alex Price, 13, said he thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.

He said: “We had to be quite creative and I think doing workshops like this really brings out what we can do and pushes us.”