Crime films on the big screen at Quad

Crime and punishment themes feature in movies being shown at Quad in Derby during January

The Hunt is a Danish film and was the winner of the Best Actor award at the Cannes Film Festival for Mads Mikkelsen.

A divorced teacher (Mikkelsen) lives a solitary life while fighting for custody of his son.

His life is slowly getting better but is about to be shattered by an innocent little lie.

The Hunt (15 with English subtitles) is screened on January 18-21.

Seven Psychopaths is an American/British move featuring a borderline alcoholic screenwriter (Colin Farrell) struggling to get his new screenplay up and running.

All he has is a title “Seven Psychopaths”. In an attempt to help him, his actor friend Billy (Sam Rockwell) inadvertently drags him into the world of the Los Angeles criminal fraternity. It is is screened on January 18-19, and 22-24.

Love Crime (15) is a French film set within the sterile offices of a powerful multinational corporationa and involving an emotional battle between two women.

It is to be screened on January 28-29.

Call Quad’s box office for details on 01332 290606.