£415 fine for dropping fag

A litterbug from Cossall has been slapped with a £415 fine after dropping a cigarette end in the street.

Darryl Woodward was spotted by a neighbourhood warden dropping the butt on a public road in Kimberley on September 8 last year and reported to Broxtowe Borough Council.

The authority took him to Nottingham Magistrates Court on February 27 this year, when he pleaded guilty to an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Magistrates ordered him to pay £415, £100 of which were prosecutions costs.

A spokesman for Broxtowe said: “The council takes the issue of littering very seriously indeed and its neighbourhood wardens, as a result of better rules introduced in April 2006, are now able to issue a fixed penalty notice to anyone seen dropping litter in the borough.”

The on-the-spot fine is has been set at £75.

“There is no precise definition of litter,” added the spokesman.

“It can mean anything from a crisp packet to a sack of rubbish or discarded food.

“It is criminal offence to drop litter and fines can go up to £2,500. “

Cigarette ends are the most commonly found litter.

To report litter in Broxtowe borough residents can use an online mapping facility called LocalView via www.broxtowe.gov.uk/reportit