‘Abusive’ teen says he’s sorry

An Ilkeston teenager, who was abusive to police officers and ambulance staff earlier this month, has been forced to write a letter of apology.

On Sunday February 17, police were called out to the ambulance station in Manners Road where a group of 13-year-olds were trying to climb on to the flat roof of the building, while hurling abuse at the staff.

One of the gang ‘became obstructive and abusive’ to officers and was arrested for a public order offence.

He was told to write a letter to East Midlands Ambulance Service, who were ‘happy to accept his apology’, police said.

“We are always happy to use restorative justice where appropriate, but the final decision always lies with the victim,” said PCSO Matt Lewis.

“Our priority is to ensure that they are happy with the outcome.

“On this occasion we hope the teenagers realise that their behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.”

The other teenagers involved will now have anti-social behaviour letters sent to their parents or guardians to make them fully aware of their children’s behaviour.

Restorative justice was brought in by police in April 2009 to help deal swiftly with minor crimes and reduce bureaucracy.

Under the scheme, crimes are dealt with in accordance with the victims’ wishes without the case going through the courts.