An abusive, booze-fuelled Derbyshire thug urinated on himself at hospital and attacked a police officer

Chesterfield Royal Hospital.
Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

An abusive, boozed-up thug who urinated on himself at Chesterfield Royal Hospital before assaulting a police officer has been given a community order.

Robert Wright, 53, of St Augustine’s Crescent, Chesterfield, appeared at Chesterfield magistrates’ court on April 30, charged with using threatening behaviour at the hospital and assaulting a police officer at Chesterfield police station.

Prosecuting solicitor Marianne Connolly said: “The witness was a security officer and he has described that there was some concern about Mr Wright’s welfare.

“He was found in the toilet at A&E and he was on the floor and he had urinated on himself and he was heavily intoxicated and kept falling over and he was verbally abusive to staff.”

The court heard that the A&E ward was quite full of people at the time with families and children.

Ms Connolly added that as the security officer attempted to move the defendant to another area Wright clenched his fist and made threatening remarks.

Wright threatened to slit the security officer’s throat, kill him and pull his teeth out, according to Ms Connolly.

Following the arrival of the police, Wright also kicked out and struck an officer just below his knee at Chesterfield police station, on Beetwell Street.

Wright pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour and to assaulting a police officer after the incident on April 9.

Magistrates sentenced Wright to a 12 month community order with a four-week curfew, an Alcohol Treatment Requirement and a Rehabilitation Activity Requirement.

He was also ordered to pay £50 compensation, an £85 victim surcharge and £85 costs.