Arsonist jailed for six years

Arsonist Marc Casswell jailed for six years.
Arsonist Marc Casswell jailed for six years.

An arsonist has been jailed for six years for starting a fire in his ex-partner’s garden.

Marc Casswell, 23, started a blaze in a shed in Station Road, Long Eaton, in the early hours of February 16.

The heat from the blaze caused windows of a house, where five people were sleeping, to crack and the frames to warp as well as drainpipes and guttering to melt.

Luckily no one was injured as the emergency services were quickly alerted.

Casswell, of Regent Street, was arrested nearby shortly after the fire. He had also stolen a mountain bike from a house on the street.

Casswell was charged with reckless arson, breaching a restraining order and theft of a bicycle. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six years at Derby Crown Court on Friday August 9.

Det Con Simon Blood said it was a ‘completely reckless act’.

“I believe the sentence Casswell has received reflects the seriousness of this crime,” he added.