Arsonists target pub again

NILA 14-08-12 BE 5 Nottingham castle pub, Queen elizabeth way, Kirk Hallam.
NILA 14-08-12 BE 5 Nottingham castle pub, Queen elizabeth way, Kirk Hallam.
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Arsonists are risking their own lives and putting others at risk after starting four fires in the skittle alley of a Kirk Hallam pub.

Licensees of the Nottingham Castle, Trevor and Wendy Davie, told the Advertiser that there have been four arson attacks since they moved in to take over the pub at the end of June.

Wendy said: “These kids are putting their lives at risk, our lives at risk and firefighters’ lives at risk.

“I don’t know why they’re doing it but it’s got to stop before someone is hurt.”

The couple are revamping the Queen Elizabeth Way pub and were hoping to re-open on the August Bank Holiday but say the fires have set the work back.

The roof of the outbuilding contains harmful asbestos which the fires have disturbed and will have to be specially removed delaying the date even further.

Wendy said: “I’ve seen kids out there and told them how dangerous it is but they don’t care.

“They walk along the walls that are about 3m high and if they fall in there through that roof the emergency services can’t go in because of the asbestos.

“They could be seriously hurt but they will have to wait for specialist teams to come to their rescue but they don’t seem to care.”

On another occasion vandals have broken into the outbuilding and turned on a gas bottle.

Wendy said: “If Trevor hadn’t gone outside and heard the hissing noise who knows what might have happened.

“The firefighters said that if it would have exploded it could have smashed our windows and the care home behind as well.”

The latest blaze has gutted the skittle alley which the couple plan to transform into an outdoor area to be hired out as a wedding reception venue and function room.

Anyone who has information about any of the arson attacks can call police on 101.