Bailiff warning for tax dodgers

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Bailiffs could be sent to 422 homes of council tax dodgers in Erewash – with the right to seize goods.

Permission came as magistrates granted liability orders against the residents who owe a total of £255,235.

Similar action was taken against 39 firms which are in arrears of business rates to the tune of £337,552.

All must pay an extra £70 on top of their debts as a result of the hearing at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

Chris Neal, the council’s recovery team leader, said the authority issued summonses against 58 businesses in October. A total of 19 either paid or had action withdrawn against them.

In the case of individual residents, 585 were sent summonses.

That led to 43 paying in full with 120 having their cases withdrawn, he told the court hearing in Derby.

Liability orders give the right to send bailiffs to homes where items can be taken away to clear debts. Before this is done, the council tries again to get people to pay.

An immediate arrest warrant was issued against one debtor, who had been ordered to attend Monday’s hearing but failed to turn up.