Bedroom attacker narrowly avoids jail

Nottingham Magistrates Court.
Nottingham Magistrates Court.

A rail maintenance worker was told he came desperately close to jail after raiding an Awsworth house and attacking a man in bed.

Nottingham Magistrates’ Court heard that Courtney Dabbs arrived in a minibus with five other men, kicked open the front door and burst into a bedroom at his ex-partner’s new home.

But the other man was not injured and said the confrontation ended because he was “getting the better of it”.

A 22-week prison term, suspended for 18 months, was imposed on Dabbs, 26, of Yatesbury Crescent, Strelley. He must do 200 hours’ community work and pay £150 compensation to the man.

Deputy District Judge Richard Marshall told him: “This is the closest anyone has come to prison without actually going to prison.”

He imposed an order which bars Dabbs from contacting the man or the former partner for four years. Dabbs must pay £250 for a smashed television and £1,000 compensation to the landlord for repairs to the door of the home on Barlow Drive South, Awsworth.

The court heard that the incident took place at around 1.30am on July 4 last year after Dabbs sent a text message to his former partner, saying her new man “had better get his trainers on”.

Soon after, the woman looked out of her bedroom window and saw a minibus pull up with six men inside. A window was smashed in a van parked outside the home.

The woman opened the bedroom window and shouted at Dabbs, telling him to stay away from the house or she would call the police, said Mark Kennedy, prosecuting.

Dabbs walked up to the front door and kicked it open before entering the bedroom when the woman failed to halt him.

“He was into the room and jumped onto the bed,” said Mr Kennedy. Dabbs grabbed the man by the neck and threw a television.

The woman was “extremely frightened, perhaps unsurprisingly, and would readily accept Mr Dabbs had never been violent during their relationship,” added Mr Kennedy.

Amanda Parker, mitigating, told the court: “Mr Dabbs is very realistic that this is a very serious incident and he is mortified by his behaviour.

“Looking back, he can hardly believe he committed these offences in the way he did. Mr Dabbs adds an aggravating factor by accepting he was in drink.” But there had been no problems since the incident.

She read from the attacked man’s statement in which he said: “I was getting the better of him and he quickly left the bedroom.”

Dabbs pleaded guilty to using violence to secure entry into premises; assault by beating and two counts of criminal damage.

He must also pay a government surcharge of £80.