‘Boiler room’ fraudster jailed

Graham Mills convicted for 'boiler room' fraud.
Graham Mills convicted for 'boiler room' fraud.

A call from an Ilkeston fraud victim led to a conman being jailed last week for seven years.

Graham Mills defrauded hundreds of unsuspecting investors in the UK, Euroope and the Middle East out of millions of pounds.

The 48-year-old who has lived in Thailand for ten years, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to transfer criminal property and concealing criminal property at a hearing at Nottingham Crown Court on Thursday (September 26).

Mills admitted a leading role in setting up and running two fraudulent companies, Regal & Archer LLC and Quantum Holdings Ltd, and controlling bank accounts related to them. He had control of around £3.7m in bank accounts related to these companies.

He admitted setting up websites used to dupe victims into investing.

The investigation began in March 2009 when a man from Ilkeston contacted Derbyshire police as he suspected he had been the victim of fraud.

He had been contacted by people claiming to be from an investment company called Milton Hayward based in Japan and had handed over thousands of pounds to the conmen.