Burglary victim is ‘left petrified’

NILABE120123h1, Bev Wright burgled at her Ilkeston home.
NILABE120123h1, Bev Wright burgled at her Ilkeston home.

A YOUNG woman has told how she was left ‘petrified’ after burglars stole hundreds of pounds of equipment from her Larklands home.

Bev Wright returned to her Powtrell Place home on Sunday evening to find that callous burglars had climbed through her lounge window to steal two guitars and two DVD players.

Now, the 20-year-old said she has felt scared at night and is planning to increase security at home.

“I am absolutely gutted,” said the bass guitar player.

“More than anything it’s really annoyed me that someone can just come into my house uninvited.

“They’ve totally invaded my privacy.

“I’ve been petrified at night, thinking that they might come back. It’s really scared me.”

The animal lover left the window slightly ajar for her four pets as she has not got a cat flap.

“I’ll definitely be fitting a cat flap now,” she said.

“It’s made me very conscious about security.”

One of the guitars was a very distinctive yellow-orange bass guitar.

It was given to her by a friend on Christmas Eve and is thought to be worth about £300.

The other was a black and white Encore six-string electric guitar, also worth about £300.

Also stolen was a bag containing guitar and microphone leads, worth about £200.

The DVD players were worth about £50 each.

Furious Bev added: “They’re just scum.

“Pondlife like this who break into people’s homes need their hands chopping off.

“No punishment is good enough for them.”

Bev said she is hopeful the burglars can be caught after friends have been helping to spread the word through Facebook.

A Derbyshire police spokesman confirmed that the property was burgled between 4.30pm on Saturday and 7pm on Sunday.

Anyone with information about the burglary should contact the force on the new non-emergency number 101.

Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.