Calls for better CCTV coverage

NILALM110913F1 - Queen Elizabeth Way Kirk Hallam
NILALM110913F1 - Queen Elizabeth Way Kirk Hallam

CALLS have been made to modernise ‘archaic’ CCTV coverage across the borough to avoid a repeat of problems with crime like those seen in Kirk Hallam.

Labour councillors said that crime around the shops in Queen Elizabeth Way last year, including an assault on a resident with a broken bottle, could have been avoidable if cameras had been in place.

Kirk Hallam councillor John Frudd presented a petition to the council requesting CCTV at the shopping area and have offered to meet with council officers and Ilkeston police station’s Insp Nick Daines to discuss the problems.

“What we see here is avoidable, low-level anti-social behaviour, escalating to the type of serious crime that unsettles an entire community,” he explained.

“CCTV in this prime spot would have been a valuable tool in preventing this crime and deterring others being committed.”

Erewash Borough Council is currently undergoing a review into CCTV which is expected to be completed in three months.

But leader of the Labour group Cllr Howard Griffiths warned an upgrade was needed sooner rather than later.

“Modern camera and data technology make new systems more effective and data retrieval and storage easier and cheaper,” he said.

“A complete Erewash overhaul is long overdue but we need a timescale for the publication of the review results so that a cohesive and responsive system can be installed.

“With Tory cuts to frontline policing and street lighting, anything which can deter and detect crime must be embraced sooner rather than later.

“Crime waits for no one, but its effects are lasting and all too often, tragic.”

Head of environment and community safety at the council Nick Thurstan said: “The council is conducting a review of CCTV across the borough and will be consulting the police and other stakeholders as part of the process.

“Technology will have advanced since the original system was installed and the review will help to determine if the CCTV network and infrastructure needs upgrading to enhance its crime prevention and detection function.”