Cannabis calls to police double

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A police campaign urging people to report suspected cannabis farms in their neighbourhood saw an increase in calls to Crimestoppers.

Weed It Out asked members of the public to be on the lookout for telltale signs of cannabis farms in their area, such as run-down properties where visitors appear at all times of day and night, and a sickly-sweet smell in the area.

Throughout the four-week campaign, Derbyshire police discovered 26 residential farms, where drug dealers grow cannabis in houses or flats before selling it on.

Crimestoppers also saw calls relating to cannabis cultivation in Derbyshire almost double, helping police identify farms across the county - some of which were searched and resulted in arrests and the seizure of cannabis plants and growing equipment.

Steve Holme, from Derbyshire Police, said: “The information vigilant members of the public gave us will help us continue to fight this type of crime and make sure that cannabis production and the criminality that goes with it is stamped out.”