Conman steals from OAP pair

A callous conman, claiming to be raising money for a children’s charity, snatched a wallet from a pensioner’s hand after tricking his way into the couple’s home, police have said.

The couple both in their 80s, were left ‘confused and distressed’ by the incident in Cotmanhay Road last Tuesday, which police are linking to two other burglaries over the last two months.

The 84-year-old husband answered the door to the offender at about 2.30pm.

The conman, dressed all in grey, claimed to be selling dishcloths and dusters and asked if the couple’s son was at home.

The man entered the house and the pensioner fetched his wallet to pay him for some of his items. The offender then snatched the wallet from his hands and fled.

The confused couple said they were not sure how much cash was in the wallet.

Police are linking the burglary to two others , including one in Critchley Street, Ilkeston, on Sunday January 13.

An 80-year-old woman answered her door to the man, who told her he was selling cleaning products. He sold her some tea towels and then asked for a drink. The pensioner went to make him a drink and he made off with her purse.

In Albert Street, Long Eaton on December 27, a 92-year-old woman let a man of similar description into her home, who stole her purse.

Call police on 101 if you have information.