Couple’s burglary horror

An elderly couple were left traumatised when burglars broke into their Cotmanhay home while they slept.

The couple, of Church Street, made the grim discovery when they woke up in the early hours of Sunday morning. Thieves had taken their television, mobile phones, DVD player and watches from the house they currently share with their 35-year-old son.

One of the elderly victims, who did not wish to be named, said: “I heard a noise at about 1.15am and thought it was my son going downstairs for a drink of water. I asked ‘is that you?’”

When they went to investigate after noticing a light on downstairs they saw that a small kitchen window had been forced wide open and the realisation of what had happened hit them.

They also found the shed keys on the stairs, and the house keys had gone, meaning they had to get the locks changed first thing Monday morning. Luckily, police have recovered the stolen items.

The couple said the incident had left them traumatised, adding: “It’s an awful situation. We are feeling it more now. It’s not the things they have taken it’s the feeling that someone has been in your bedroom while you’re asleep that makes you want to get hold of them and wring their necks.”

The thieves even took two bottles of home-made brew from the fridge. Forensic officers were at the scene on Monday morning to gather evidence.

Police arrested five men, aged 15 to 20 in connection with the incident. They have been released on bail pending further enquiries and police are still looking for another suspect.