Crime rates ‘beat target’

THE COUNCIL’s community safety team has applauded ‘very positive’ results showing officers have beaten crime rate targets for the past two months.

Community Safety Officer for the borough Kat Thornhill told Erewash Borough Council’s crime and disorder scrutiny committee this week that crimes – including theft from vehicles, theft of vehicles and burglary – were about 30 per cent better than the target level for November and December.

Assaults with injury were also 10 per cent below the target level in November and 14 per cent under in December.

“These figures are very much under target,” she said.

“Hopefully the figures will continue to drop for the next few months.

“These are very, very positive results.”

However the numbers of vehicle thefts and burglaries remained the highest recorded in Derbyshire, outside of Derby during the two months.

And the figures for assaults with injury were second highest to Chesterfield in the same period.

Ms Thornhill explained that the high figures were high because of the high population of the borough and high concentration of people living in the town centres, compared with other areas of Derbyshire.

She said after the meeting: “Erewash Community Safety Partnership does a lot of work to reduce all the different types of crime and anti-social behaviour.

“Statistics are useful but don’t necessarily give us the whole picture.

“It’s is useful to look at the projects going on as well, such as Ozbox and the events organised by the Safer Neighbourhood teams to see how well the partnership is doing.”

The targets were set by central Government according to various factors including the population, type of housing, previous crime statistics in the area and whether the area was an old mining region.

Individual breakdowns of the figures showed that in the 12 months up to December, outside of Derby city, Erewash had the highest number of house burglaries – 47, robberies – 65, and thefts from vehicles – 528.

The figures for thefts of vehicles was third highest in the county behind Chesterfield and Amber Valley.

The report showed that all districts on the county were on target.

But it warned that the impact of the icy weather in late November and December may have contributed to the reduced number of crimes during that time.