Dealer hid drugs up backside

Scott Waltho
Scott Waltho

An Ilkeston drug addict has been jailed for 32 months after hiding heroin up his back passage.

Scott Waltho, 34, was taken for an x-ray after being stopped in Ilkeston by police, who believed he had concealed the drugs on April 20.

He passed 34g of heroin – worth about £165 – through his system while in police custody later that day.

Waltho, of Bath Street, had been on bail at the time for possessing another drug with intent to supply.

Police had raided a flat in Critchley Street where he was with two friends – also drug addicts – on March 13.

Grace Hale, prosecuting, told the court police saw him throw several wraps of paper towards a window which were found to contain 0.41g of diamorphine, a similar drug to heroin.

Adrian Reynolds told Derby Crown Court on Friday that his client was ‘really well motivated’ to get off drugs.

“If you ask this defendant what he’s got to show for his life in his early 30s, he’s got nowhere to live, no assets, he’s got nothing,” he said.

“He’s not lived the life of Riley on the back of dealing drugs. He’s only ever dealt to people in the same lifestyle as him.

“The only concrete thing he’s got to show is deep vein thrombosis.”

A family member wept in the public gallery as Waltho was sentenced to 16 months for each offence.

Judge Jonathan Gosling said: “It’s a shame to see you in the dock and not in the witness box.

“There’s not really any bad in you but dealing heroin is always taken rather seriously.

“You were on bail and went out and did it again.”