Deported Derbyshire robber back behind bars after he entered UK under new name

Patrik Gunar  now known as Patrik Krajnak
Patrik Gunar now known as Patrik Krajnak

A man who was jailed for robbing a 12-year-old girl in a Derbyshire street is behind bars once again after entering the UK under a new name.

Patrik Gunar – now known as Patrik Krajnak – was arrested in Derby yesterday after intelligence gathered by the foreign national offender team in Derbyshire, known as Project Advenus, showed he had re-entered the UK under another name.

Gunar was jailed in March last year for the robbery of a 12-year-old girl in Cambridge Street, Derby, on February, 18, 2018.

CCTV of the incident was seen by tens of thousands of people across the world and he was quickly identified thanks to information from the public. He admitted the robbery and was handed a three year jail term in March 2018.

He was released from custody and then deported to Slovakia in December 2018. While there he changed his name and re-entered the UK under the name Patrik Krajnak.

That information was discovered by officers in Project Advenus and further enquiries showed that Gunar was back in Derby and he was arrested on suspicion of breaching his deportation order.

The 23-year-old has now appeared at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court and was handed 18-weeks in prison for breaching the order. He must also now serve the remaining time left on the sentence for the original offence and at the end of that sentence he will be once again deported.

DS Stuart Kershaw said: “I hope that today’s jailing of Patrik Gunar sends a message to all those who are deported from our county.

“When any offender is deported as a result of a crime in Derbyshire, checks are carried out by the team with their home country. If it is found they have, like in this case, been issued new documents in another name then we will conduct the relevant checks as to whether they have re-entered the country.

“Officers found that Gunar had travelled from Slovakia to Luton earlier this month and, after further checks, he was arrested in Derby this morning (25 July).

“After appearing at court and being handed a further 18 weeks he will now also serve the remainder of his sentence.

“He will be once again deported and, should he think of trying to get back into the country again, we will be ready and waiting."