Derbyshire serial offender breached his CRIMBO after he was caught with booze in public

Chesterfield magistrates' court.
Chesterfield magistrates' court.

A repeat offender who breached a Criminal Behaviour Order, smashed two windows and was caught with cannabis has been placed under a 12 month community order.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on September 25 how Geoffrey Hirst, 49, was caught by police in Buxton drinking alcohol in a public place despite a Criminal Behaviour Order banning him from doing so.

Prosecuting solicitor Becky Allsop said police approached Hirst at the Railway pub, on Bridge Street, Buxton, after he had been described as being under the influence of alcohol and he was told to leave the area.

But several minutes later police saw Hirst at the Wye Bridge pub car park, on Fairfield Road, Buxton, walking out with a full pint glass and he was arrested for breaching his CRIMBO.

Hirst, of Thomas Street, Glossop, admitted breaching his CRIMBO by possessing an alcoholic drink in an open container in a public place in May which he was prohibited from doing by an indefinite CRIMBO imposed in March, 2016.

The defendant also admitted damaging two windows on August 23 at a property on Draycott Road, at North Wingfield, and to possessing cannabis which was found when he was taken to Chesterfield police station on the same date.

Mrs Allsop said Hirst had been at a friend’s flat at North Wingfield, on August 23, and they fell out and as the defendant was outside he threw stones and two windows were smashed.

She added that after Hirst had been taken to Chesterfield police station officers found he had 1,37grammes of cannabis valued at £15.

Defence solicitor Richard Carlin said the three other prohibitions of Hirst’s CRIMBO all relate to Glossop and the defendant had not understood that the alcohol prohibition applied across the country.

Mr Carlin added that Hirst also suffers with learning difficulties and the terms of his CRIMBO had been difficult to understand.

Hirst had also thrown stones at the property in North Wingfield to attract the attention of the occupants, according to Mr Carlin, but he ended up smashing the windows.

Magistrates sentenced Hirst to a 12 month community order with a Rehabilitation Activity Requirement.

He was also fined £40 and must pay £100 compensation.