‘Disfigured’ in bite attack by boyfriend

Grant Masterson
Grant Masterson

An angry boyfriend has been locked up for 32 months after biting a woman’s face and leaving her with ‘a disfiguring and grotesque injury’.

The description was used by Judge Jonathan Gosling who heard that Grant Masterson inflicted the wound after an argument near his home in Taylor Street, Ilkeston.

Sitting at Derby Crown Court on Friday, the judge told him: “She has been left with some scarring which is a constant reminder of what you did to her.

“This was a brutal attack as you acknowledge.

“Any attack on a woman in any circumstances is cowardly and shameful and you have done it before.”

Julie Warburton, prosecuting, said the pair argued after the woman downed two pints of Stella and a glass of white wine before deciding to go out and buy more alcohol.

He tried to stop her and followed her in the direction of Chaucer School where she hit Masterson before he bit her.

“She saw him grimacing his facial muscles for a millisecond and then he released the bite,” said Miss Warburton.

The woman needed five stitches in the wound and her face was swollen.

The court heard that Masterson has several previous convictions, including one case in which he bit a woman.

Quentin Robbins, mitigating, said Masterson was ‘tearful’ when he saw the photograph of the woman’s injuries.

“He is sorry, he knows he has done it before,” said Mr Robbins, who handed over a letter Masterson had written to the judge, saying this portrayed ‘a true understanding of what he has become’.

Mr Robbins said Masterson had stopped using cannabis and had even managed to give up smoking tobacco while in custody.

He had passed bricklaying and industrial cleaning courses while awaiting sentence. Masterson pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm on October 11.