‘Disturbing’ image of woman having sex with a tiger

Tiger pic
Tiger pic

An Ilkeston man blamed an internet club after he was caught with pornographic pictures - including one of a woman having sex with a tiger.

Details were given as a judge ordered 180 hours community work from David Clarke, 43, of Ockbrook Court, Ilkeston, who admitted having extreme pornography and distributing indecent photographs of children.

In an interview with a probation officer, Clarke said he responded to an advert in the back of a magazine and began to exchange texts with strangers, Derby Crown Court heard on Tuesday (February 19).

One text was said to have come from a woman who claimed to have had “sexual activity” with her child and father, said Katarina Sjolin, prosecuting.

When police carried out an examination of a lost telephone, that led them to Clarke, pornography included “bestiality, intercourse with various live animals and one of intercourse with a tiger,” the court heard.

When questioned, Clarke “denied that he found the images sexually arousing,” said Miss Sjolin. He also doubted whether the woman’s text was genuine.

Judge Ebrahim Mooncey put Clarke on the Sex Offenders’ Register and banned him from working with children for ten years. He also imposed a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months.

Clarke had never been in trouble before and the judge told him: “It transpires over a period of time you engaged in distributing and possessing images of the most unsavoury kind.

“You used the expression that most of the images made you feel sick, which gives some indication how horrendous the whole thing is.”

But the judge said there was no evidence to suggest Clarke was involved in widespread distribution of pictures and pointed out that he pleaded guilty at an early stage.

Clarke, who did not have a legal representative in court, said he had stopped using the internet and told the judge: “I have only got a Facebook account.”

The court was told the case came to light when a mobile phone was found in Eastbourne in February 2011 and handed into a police station. Officers tried to find out its owner but were “surprised to find explicit messages which appeared to involve different people discussing children,” said Miss Sjolin.

Using the phone, they traced Clarke who “appeared to have sent some messages.” Officers seized several mobile phones and a laptop. He admitted that he ‘sent and received explicit texts.’

After the case, detective constable Tarj Nizzer said: “We are pleased he pleaded guilty to his crimes. We hope it sends a message out that the possession and distribution of indecent material is something we will investigate very thoroughly.

“We will continue to investigate the part other people played in it.”