Drink driving witnesses refuse rewards

A TOTAL of 28 people reported drink drivers during the Christmas period in Derbyshire – but all refused the £1,000 reward.

Police breathalysed 895 drivers in the county between December 1 and 31 – up more than 250 on 2010. Of those tested, 104 gave a positive test, the driver refused or failed to provide a sample.

On December 15, a member of the public reported a man looking unwell while sat on a motorbike in Nottingham Road, Ilkeston.

Police breathalysed the 44-year-old, who failed the test and was charged.

Head of road policing Chf Insp Steve Wilson said the campaign was about dissuading people from drink-driving.

“It’s pleasing to see that even in these difficult times, the people who rang Crimestoppers were not interested in a reward,” he said.

“They felt they had a moral obligation to make the call.”