Drug drivers using Derbyshire M1 as 'racetrack' challenge fourth BMW- but it's an unmarked police car

Three BMW drivers who took to the M1 in Derbyshire for a Christmas Eve ‘race’ got a nasty surprise when they challenged a fourth vehicle- which turned out to be an unmarked police car.

The incident was dubbed the ‘fail of the week' by Derbyshire Roads Police.

They tweeted: “Three males from London using the M1 as a racetrack for their BMWs.

“Engage another BMW in a race but oh dear, it's one of our unmarked cars.” 

Two of the men were tested positive for drugs and were arrested.

Two of the men were also found to be driving without licences or insurance. 

All three vehicles were seized.

The tweet gained more than a thousand likes and was even the source of inspiration for a limerick by @PenaltyTicket

‘There were three BMW blokes,

Who raced up North for a joke,

But they failed to see

The unmarked PC,

Now it's a long walk back to the smoke.”