Drunk man assaulted cop

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Drunk Michael Moss assaulted a police office after climbing through a window into his former girlfriend’s home in Ilkeston, a court heard.

She threatened to call police and Moss, 47, said: ”Tell them to get me out of bed.”

By the time they arrived, he had tucked himself into a camp bed and was slurring his words, said Peter Bettany, prosecuting.

Officers began to remove Moss after she told them ‘she didn’t want him in the house’.

During the incident, he headbutted a police officer and his foot struck the front door, causing a small strip to fall off, added Mr Bettany.

Moss, of Canal Street, was put on probation for a year and must receive six months treatment to tackle his alcohol problem.

He admitted criminal damage and assaulting a police officer in the execution of his duty on July 25.

He must pay £85 prosecution costs.

The court was told the policeman was unhurt and Moss’s former girlfriend did not seek compensation.

Stacey Whyte, mitigating, told magistrates in Derby: “He wants the help with the alcohol treatment and is hoping to reconcile with his partner in due course.”