Drunk man threw fire extinguisher at house

A DRUNK man hurled a fire extinguisher at a woman’s Ilkeston house while trying to find his girlfriend, a court has heard.

Scott Redfern, 29, feared she was with another man and told the girl’s mum at her Ilkeston home: “You know where she is.”

He was already banned from the building but pushed his way in, claiming he needed to use the toilet, said Fernando Rodrigues, prosecuting.

“He accused her of knowing where his partner was and pushed her into a radiator 6ft away.”

The incident aggravated the woman’s back trouble.

Redfern then threw the extinguisher at the house. When questioned by police, he admitted drinking vodka and lager beforehand.

“He said that he gets wound up when he is in drink and that his partner had cheated on him in the past,” continued Mr Rodrigues.

Redfern, of St Norbert Drive, Kirk Hallam, admitted common assault and criminal damage on February 13. He also pleaded guilty to assault, damaging a police vehicle and having a knuckle duster on March 11.

He was given eight weeks custody, suspended for two years, and was put on probation for 18 months. Redfern must attend an anger management course and pay £250 towards house repairs and £70 to clean a police car after urinating in it.

Derby magistrates were told the couple were now back together and the girl’s mother did not want a restraining order aimed at keeping Redfern away.

Miss Emma Cornell, mitigating, said Redfern had been in custody since March 12, the equivalent of a four-month term.

She said he had not gone out with the knuckle duster but had picked it up after it fell from a man during a scuffle which led to Redfern’s arrest in March.

“This is not a case where Mr Redfern was walking the streets armed with that weapon and looking for trouble,” she said.

She said Redfern was determined to stop drinking and had already made efforts to get help.

“He appears as someone genuinely ashamed of his behaviour and is highly motivated to address his alcohol misuse and remain offence free,” she added.