Drunken man must pay compensation after smearing excrement around police cell door

Chesterfield magistrates' court.
Chesterfield magistrates' court.

A drunken man has been ordered to pay compensation for a cleaning bill after he smeared the door-hatch of his cell at a police custody suite with his excrement.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on October 16 how Anthony John Goucher, 35, of Portland Avenue, Bolsover, had been arrested for being drunk-and-disorderly and soiled a police cell door at Beetwell Street station, in Chesterfield.

Prosecuting solicitor Robert Carr said police had originally been called to Newbold just after 3pm, on September 30, where they found Goucher smelling strongly of intoxicants, slurring his words and struggling to stand still.

Mr Carr said: “He tried to get past one officer saying he wanted to pick his daughter up from school.”

But Mr Carr added that the police said it was not appropriate for him to do that until he was calm and sober but he started pushing and shouting across the street so he had to be arrested.

Gouncher was placed into a cell, according to Mr Carr, and at about 8.30pm they dropped the door hatch and noticed he had defecated and spread excrement over the hatch and runners and the spy hole restricting the view.

The defendant told police he had needed to go to the toilet and he could not use the one in his cell.

Goucher pleaded guilty to being drunk-and-disorderly in a public place and he admitted causing damage to a police cell.

Defence solicitor Steve Brint said Goucher had suffered the breakdown of a relationship and he had been trying to make contact with his former partner’s children.

Mr Brint added that although Goucher has an antecedent history he has not been before the courts for three years.

He also said that Goucher has been homeless and drink and drug dependent but he has managed on benefits and friends have helped him when he has gone off the rails.

Mr Brint explained there are cameras in the cells and Goucher had wrongly feared that they also filmed the toilet area.

Goucher used the toilet roll to cover the camera, according to Mr Brint, and there was no water so he placed the excrement around the door hatch.

Mr Brint said Goucher drew a line around the hatch to get the attention of the police because he needed toilet roll and Goucher said had to wash his hands in the toilet.

Goucher has been trying to address his substance misuse and has contacted the Derbyshire Recovery Partnership, according to Mr Brint.

Magistrates sentenced Goucher to a 12 month conditional discharge but warned him if he commits any new offences in the next year he will be re-sentenced.

He must also pay £65 compensation, £85 costs and a £21 victim surcharge.