Fake goods trader told to pay £49k

A trader, who sold thousands of fake goods on Ilkeston Market, has been told to pay back £49,000 – or face jail.

Police seized about 7,000 items from Wayne Foster’s stall, van and garages at his home in The Nook, Loscoe in November 2010, after buying goods from his stall.

Nearly all the goods were clothing, perfume, aftershave and cosmetics, 96 per cent of which were found to be fake.

Foster, 41, appeared at Nottingham Crown Court last Thursday when he was ordered to repay the money in six months or face 15 months in prison.

Last May, Foster had admitted eight offences under the Trade Marks Act of selling counterfeit goods from Ilkeston Market and of possessing fake goods for sale.

He received a 12-month community order to carry out 120 hours unpaid work.

Cllr Kevin Parkinson said: “Unscrupulous businesses should be in no doubt that we’ll bring the full weight of the law to bear on anyone selling fake goods.”