Four years’ jail for ‘drug supermarket’

Anthony Dexter, jailed for four years, ran a 'drugs supermarket' in Ilkeston.
Anthony Dexter, jailed for four years, ran a 'drugs supermarket' in Ilkeston.

A drug dealer has been sent down for four years for running what a judge called a ‘drugs supermarket’ in Ilkeston.

When police raided Anthony Dexter’s Wood Street home in March, it was littered with different drugs, collectively worth an estimated £23,640.

Nottingham Crown Court heard today (Friday) that the 24-year-old had bypassed the electricity meter and had two large grows of cannabis behind a locked door, which alone were worth as much as £13,440.

Judge Nigel Godsmark QC told him: “You appear to have been involved in something akin to a supermarket of drugs.

“You played a significant role in my judgement in the management of this supermarket.”

Ian Way, prosecuting, said Dexter was ‘sweating heavily’ when he was stopped by police riding his bike through Ilkeston in the early hours of October 16 last year.

He was searched and a box containing 9.8 grammes of cocaine was found, which he said was for ‘personal use’. He then ran off and was not arrested until November 2.

His privately rented house was searched on March 27 where the 48 cannabis plants were discovered.

Nearly half a kilo of GHB – known as ‘the date rape drug’ – was found, worth £4,980, along with £780 of amphetamine.

Bags of class B party drug NRG-2 were found, worth a total of £1,840, as well as bags of cannabis worth an additional £1,400 and 114 tablets of a drug called CPP.

But the most serious charge Dexter faced was for just over £1,000 of class A drug MDMA, also found in the house.

Mr Way said that police raided his new Stanton Road home on September 5 this year, while he was on police bail and Dexter was in bed with his girlfriend.

A safe in the bedroom was forced open by officers who found scales for weighing drugs, ‘dealer bags’ and more than £1,000 of amphetamine.

Speaking after the hearing, Insp Nick Daines at Ilkeston police station said: “I am once again delighted that the courts recognise the harm that drugs do.

“And it’s a very pleasant and early Christmas present to the communities of Ilkeston that someone who is prepared to deal in so many different types of drugs is away, not only for this Christmas but a few more to come.”

Adrian Reynolds, mitigating, told the court a relationship breakdown had caused Dexter to turn to drugs.

“When that relationship went wrong his life went downhill,” he said.

“He started to abuse drugs and all of his problems arise fairly and squarely out of his abuse of drugs.”

He said Dexter had been living in one room where he had lived a ‘hand-to-mouth existence’, as he funded his drugs habit by dealing.

He added that Dexter’s current girlfriend was pregnant with their child and that he now wanted to be ‘a good partner to her and father to that child.”