Fury over break-ins at town charity shop

A CHARITY shop will be forced to fork out more than £800 for new doors after two break-ins in a month.

Joyce Straw, volunteer at the Save the Children store in Pelham Street, blasted the ‘sick’ burglars who in the latest attack, prized open the back door to gain entry but found nothing inside worth stealing.

She said: “I can’t see how you could get any lower than stealing from a charity.

“It’s sick, it really is.”

The store was broken into four weeks ago through the front door with the would-be burglars causing £400 of damage to the door frame, said Joyce, who has volunteered at the store for 32 years.

“We have to pay for that ourselves and it was only £400 because somebody did it as a favour,” she added.

“We don’t know how much the back door is going to cost us, it could be the same but it will probably be more.”

Nothing was stolen on either occasion except a pair of cufflinks and a couple of brooches, worth just a few pounds.

Joyce said that they never keep money on the premises and there is never anything of a high value inside the shop.

“I’m so annoyed,” she added. “We work so hard in that shop, everybody does.”

She said that the shop is currently raising funds for starving children in the Horn of Africa who are experiencing a terrible famine caused by the worst drought there in 60 years.