Have your say on police issues

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Ilkeston residents will be able to have their say on policing when this year’s public consultation on policing issues arrives at Ilkeston Market on Bath Street on Friday May 31.

Representatives from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office and Derbyshire Constabulary will be on hand between 9am and 2pm to collect views about policing in the area. Members of the public will be asked to fill out a questionnaire asking for their response to a range of policing questions. The survey gathers important feedback on a host of issues including how safe they feel, what their understanding of frontline policing is and how their quality of life is affected by the fear of crime.

Chief constable of Derbyshire Police, Mick Creedon, said: “For many years the force and the Police Authority sought the views of local people on policing and the issues that impact on them and their communities. Thousands of people have contributed to this annual process and I encourage any resident of Derbyshire to take part in this years ‘Have Your Say’ process.”