Heartless thieves target pensioners

David Ball in front of the garage where 2 mobiliy scooters were stolen.
David Ball in front of the garage where 2 mobiliy scooters were stolen.

An elderly couple have been left devastated after thieves broke into their garage and stole two mobility scooters in the early hours of Sunday morning.

David and Glenys Ball, of Buller Street, Ilkeston were alerted to the break-in by neighbours and have been left counting the cost.

Glenys, 66, who is unable to get about without a scooter due to arthritis, said the criminals had took away her independence and left her housebound.

She said: “It’s like they have taken away my new Rolls Royce. I was broken hearted on Sunday morning when I heard.

“I could go and buy one today but I feel like would be buying it for the thieves to take.”

David, 67, said: “It’s a despicable crime. On Sunday we were absolutely devastated.

“They didn’t touch anything else, they knew the scooters were there. I think they will sell them, you see scooters on Ebay.”

Their daughter, Marcia Ball, 40, who was sleeping in the bedroom overlooking the garage on the night of the theft, said: “This is a nice community, everyone looks out for each other and everyone is worried about her. We don’t understand how nobody heard anything. It’s had a massive effect on the family.”

David said he is not sure of the total cost of the damage yet as they will also need a new garage door. The couple had paid for the scooters themselves, and replacements will cost around £1,700, He added: “We want to make sure it doesn’t happen to anybody else.”

The incident happened between 1am and 6.30am on Sunday morning. The thieves forced entry through a side door and then damaged the garage door to get the scooters out the front. The family say a vehicle must have been used to take the scooters due to their size. Anyone with information should call Derbyshire Police on 101.