“Hysterical” booze-fuelled thug kicked and bit Derbyshire police during a call-out to her home

Chesterfield magistrates' court.
Chesterfield magistrates' court.

A thug attacked two police officers after they had visited her home out of concern for her welfare following a call-out.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on August 7 how Katie Miranda Maile, 34, of Booth Street, Ripley, threw an aftershave bottle at police as they came to her home and she kicked one officer and bit another as they tried to restrain her.

Prosecuting solicitor Emma Heath-Tilford said: “Police and an ambulance were requested by a friend of the defendant’s who was in the property and was concerned for her.

“Police arrived and knocked on the door which was answered by a friend and Miss Maile went into a bedroom to get changed and as officers were getting in the property a Pc Pearson said an unknown item was thrown at the officers and it connected with her body and she noticed it was a glass, aftershave bottle.”

The two officers went into the bedroom and arrested Maile for assault and she was hysterical and abusive, according to Ms Heath-Tilford, and officers tried to restrain her and she kicked Pc Pearson on her right leg.

Ms Heath-Tilford added that a Pc Grant Weller tried to further restrain Maile and he suffered a bite mark to his leg and further officers had to be called so the defendant could be taken to the police station.

The court heard that the officer who was bitten had to undergo injections and tests to make sure he had not contracted anything from the bite wound.

Maile told police she had been drinking vodka and lager all day and although she had been in a good mood this changed after a visit from her daughter.

She admitted having mental health problems and said that a voice in her head had told her to spit at the female officer but after that she could only remember struggling with police and being “gassed” and put in handcuffs.

Maile pleaded guilty to two counts of assaulting a police officer after the incident at about 11.10pm, on July 8.

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Defence solicitor Karl Meakin said Maile suffers with significant mental health issues and she has issues with alcohol.

Magistrates, who adjourned the case to consider a probation service report, sentenced Maile on August 8 to 16 weeks of custody suspended for 18 months with a Rehabilitation Activity Requirement.

She was also ordered to pay £280 compensation.