Ilkeston burglar who broke into three homes in five days jailed

Mathew Fretwell
Mathew Fretwell

An Ilkeston burglar who broke into three homes over the course of five days has been jailed.

Mathew Fretwell burgled a house on Cleveland Avenue, Draycott on September 14, another property on Halsmere Road, Long Eaton on September 16 and a third property on Lock Lane, Sandiacre on September 18.

The victim in the Draycott case helped snare Fretwell. She saw her stolen camera for sale in a local second hand shop and spoke to staff about it. Inquiries revealed that Fretwell had been into the shop on the day of the burglary and sold the camera on, pretending it was his. He left his personal details at the shop.

Police were looking for Fretwell to arrest him and when officers found him in a car on Grassmere Road, Long Eaton, he had with him property stolen from the Long Eaton house.

Footwear marks left at the Sandiacre house matched a pair owned by Fretwell and linked him to the scene.

He was later charged with the burglaries and with dishonestly making false representation to make gain in relation to selling on the camera.

Fretwell, 36, of Bennerley Avenue, was jailed for four and a half years at Nottingham Crown Court on Wednesday, November 15.

PC Dan Goodman, of the Operation Vigilance burglary unit, said: “We’re pleased with this sentence, which has come about thanks to the support of the victims and determination of officers to bring this serial burglar to justice.”