Inquest into death of grandfather

John McGrath 81 stapleford stabbing victim
John McGrath 81 stapleford stabbing victim

The tragic death of a Stapleford grandfather at the hands of his mentally ill grandson will now be looked into by a coroner, according to an MP.

Schizophrenic William Barnard, 32, stabbed John McGrath in July 2009, just hours after the 81-year-old had made the last of many phone calls to his grandson’s carers to report his increasingly psychotic behaviour.

william barnard

william barnard

He was convicted of manslaughter for the attack in which he also badly injured his grandmother Mabel McGrath.

Nottinghamshire coroners confirmed that an inquest into Mr McGrath’s death will take place at a date yet to be fixed.

Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry said that a ‘secret report’ by police has now come to light which she hopes will be given ‘considerable attention’ during the enquiry into the death.

“Most importantly it now appears both the police and the mental care team failed in their duty to William and to John and Mabel,” she added.

“The family and I are now of the firm view that had both organisations acted properly this terrible incident would not have happened.

“We are all determined to get to the truth to ensure that no other family suffer as they have and lessons are drawn and learnt.”

A report by Consequence UK was published in January this year which said Nottinghamshire NHS mental health workers could have prevented the death.

The report made recommendations which the NHS body said it had taken on.

Barnard had been looked after by mental health care workers since 2002 and was sectioned in 2006.

After his release from hospital a year later his condition started to deteriorate as he stopped taking medication and avoided family.

Family had contacted the trust 24 times between his release and his grandfather’s death with concerns about Barnard’s mental state.