Jealous intruder threatens to cut off man’s ear

A HOODED intruder slipped into his girlfriend’s house late at night and threatened to cut off a man’s ear, a court heard.

Jealous Russell Thorne took the action because he doubted his girlfriend’s claim that she was having ‘a quiet night in’ and then found three men with her.

Inside the house, he carried a three-inch knife, had his hood up and a scarf covering the lower part of his face, said Hal Ewing, prosecuting at Derby Crown Court.

Thorne, 34, approached Andrew Burgess with the knife at about 2.30am on February 19.

“He held the knife against his ear and threatened to cut the ear off,” said Mr Ewing.

Mr Burgess was frightened and screamed, he said.

Thorne punched another man, one cowered from him and Mr Burgess ran from the Long Eaton house. He later needed stitches to a cut arm.

Mr Ewing said the woman had invited the men back to the house she shared. She told one to call Thorne to say they were having a ‘quiet night in’.

A 14-month prison sentence was imposed on Thorne, of Little Hallam Hill, Ilkeston. He admitted wounding and battery.

Recorder Tina Landale told him: “You committed these offences out of jealousy.

“You went to the house of this lady because you didn’t accept her explanation and you went there with trouble in mind.”

She described his threat to cut off Mr Burgess’s ear as ‘very disgraceful behaviour’ and added: “You played with him and threatened him and then you stabbed him.”

Clive Stockwell, speaking on behalf of Thorne, said his client had found the knife inside his girlfriend’s house and had not taken it with him.

“He doesn’t see himself as a violent individual but he is an individual who sees himself, on this occasion, as in an emotional and fragile state of mind,” said Mr Stockwell.

“She is aged 19, significantly younger than himself.

“He, no doubt, had concerns as to where she was and who she was with.

“He was feeling jealous at the time and, to some extent, understandably so, bearing in mind the reality.

“He went to the home address with that in mind, not knowing who was present or the number of people present.

“He went to the address to see what was going on.”

Thorne is currently serving a prison sentence for dangerous driving.

He has several previous convictions, including one for having an offensive weapon in public.