Killer Josh Clarke cannot visit Ilkeston or Kirk Hallam

A KILLER who walked free from jail last week is not allowed to enter Ilkeston or Kirk Hallam as a condition of his release.

Josh Clarke, 24, was freed after a jury failed to reach a verdict at his re-trial.

Clarke admitted killing 36-year-old Anthony Collins in 2008 but denied murder so was sentenced for manslaughter.

Because of time he had already served he was released on licence.

Anthony’s mum, Yvonne Collins, told the Advertiser: “Our biggest fear when we knew he was going to be out was bumping into him in the street.

“At least we know now that that won’t happen.

“I’m still fighting for a bigger exclusion zone because there are other places me and my family go but for now we’re happy with what’s been decided.”

Restricted areas include the whole of Ilkeston including the town centre and all of Kirk Hallam.