Magistrates confiscate £20,000 from Ilkeston man

Magistrates have confiscated £20,000 from an Ilkeston man charged with assault and drugs possession.

At a hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act on Thursday March 10, magistrates in Derby ordered the confiscation of the money and told Lee Hart to pay £7,000 costs after agreeing that he could not account for the cash.

The case against 44-year-old Hart began in February 2010 when he was arrested at the Albion Centre, Ilkeston, and later charged with assault, cannabis possession and criminal damage.

His house in Manor Road, Ilkeston, was searched and officers discovered the £20,000 inside.

He pleaded guilty to the charges of assault, cannabis possession and criminal damage.

Magistrates at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court ordered Hart to do 100 hours of unpaid work and banned from driving for 16 months and had to pay £85 court costs.

The Proceeds of Crime Act means that anyone who profits from crime can lose the financial and lifestyle gains they have enjoyed.

This means people who may have earned money by drug dealing or selling stolen property can have this money taken from them.