Man steals six black dresses

A shoplifter who ran off with six black dresses was ordered to pay £120 compensation to an Ilkeston store.

Magistrates heard today that Carl Green took them off the rack of the Select clothes shop in the Albion Centre and rushed out when the alarm sounded.

He was identified by CCTV and was arrested a month after the theft on November 19, Southern Derbyshire magistrates were told.

A one-year conditional discharge was imposed on Green, 33, of Park Road, Ilkeston.

He admitted theft and must pay £85 prosecution costs and a £15 government surcharge.

Lynne Manning, prosecuting, told the court that Green said he stole the dresses so he could buy heroin after his prescription had been stopped for the substitute drug methadone.

The store was granted compensation because the dresses were not traced.

Green told the magistrates he is now back on a reduced dose of methadone and has a job.

Presiding JP John Floyd told him: “You are starting to get your life in order.

“It is encouraging that you are working and therefore you don’t need to go and steal.

“You are 33 – old enough to know better.”