Men stripped of nearly £3k

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A group of men, claiming to be collecting clothes for charity, have been stripped of nearly £3,000 by the courts.

The men, who were arrested in Littlewell Lane, Stanton-by-Dale, in January, 2012, were seen loading the clothing into a van.

They were never charged with any offences, yet police took them to Derby Magistrates Court this month under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Officers said the group, all from either Nottingham or Northampton and aged 23, 32, 45, 46 and 55, could not prove they had obtained £2,873 they had with them legitimately.

The money was seized and forfeited under the act which means anyone who profits from crime can lose financial gains they have enjoyed.

The act is often used against drug dealers or people selling stolen property and the cash is split between the Government, the courts, the Crown Prosecution Service and the police.

Magistrates forfeited £2,823 from three of the men and ordered £52 to be returned to two of the group.