Motorist denies causing death by careless driving after collision with 79-year-old pedestrian

Nottingham Crown Court
Nottingham Crown Court

A motorist has denied causing death by careless driving after he was involved in a collision with a 79-year-old pedestrian who had been crossing a road.

Nottingham Crown Court heard today, Monday, September 30, how driver Arran Pickering, 27, of Cressy Road, Alfreton, was in a collision on Alfreton Road, at Codnor, with pedestrian Keith Shelton who died about a month later from related injuries.

Prosecuting solicitor Chris Jeyes said: “The defendant drove that particular car without taking the appropriate care on November 30, 2017, and that sadly led to the death of Mr Shelton who did not die until December 31, 2017.”

Mr Jeyes explained that Pickering had finished work at Henshaws Electrical, at Codnor, and was driving home and Mr Shelton had just got off a bus which was being driven by his wife at about 4.30pm, on November 30, 2017, near to the Poet and Castle pub.

He added that Mr Pickering had taken the A6007 to the A610 in his BMW 330i Coupe in order to turn right to Alfreton Road.

Mr Jeyes said: “It being busy, he would have had to wait for a gap in the traffic. At about the same time, Mr Shelton wanted to cross Alfreton Road in order to head home across the A610 and at that point the paths of Mr Shelton and Mr Pickering crossed and their fates became intertwined.

“Tragically, when Mr Shelton was crossing the road he was struck by Mr Pickering’s car and he was thrown some distance.”

The court heard that people came to Mr Shelton’s help and Mr Pickering stopped and an ambulance attended the scene and alerted police.

Father-of-four Mr Shelton, of Codnor, suffered multiple injuries including a broken left arm, two fractured ribs, bruising, abrasions and injuries to his kidneys.

During his time in hospital, according to Mr Jeyes, Mr Shelton developed pneumonia and organ failure and he died from multiple traumatic injuries from the collision.

Mr Pickering told police he had accelerated out of the junction at about 20mph and by the time he had noticed Mr Shelton in the road the pensioner was in front of his car.

Mr Jeyes said the collision had happened during a cold, wet and dark afternoon but there were street lights on and it had happened as people were returning to their homes.

One witness confirmed it had been wet and it was “not light” and he added that as he was waiting at a junction he heard a bang and looked to his right and saw an “old guy going through the air”.

Police Constable Chris Milnes also told the court that it was dark and when he arrived at the scene it was snowing which affected visibility.

He added that Mr Pickering’s vehicle had suffered front end damage with a circle impact to the glass with damage to his bonnet.

Pc Milnes also confirmed that his body-cam video had failed to record any footage at the scene and the road policing team had been unable to attend because they were dealing with a fatal collision elsewhere.

The officer confirmed that Mr Pickering passed a drink-drive breathalyser test and the defendant had been told that speed had not been an issue and his car keys were returned to him.

Mr Shelton’s wife stated that her husband had been diagnosed vascular dementia two years ago but this only affected his short-term memory and he had no problems getting out and about.

Mr Pickering pleaded not guilty to causing death by driving without due care and attention.

The trial continues.