MURDER TRIAL LATEST: Suspect arrested as he left prison

Michael Moss
Michael Moss
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A defendant on trial accused of the murder of Ilkeston dad-of-six Mick Moss told police officers that he would “fight anyone, because that’s the way I was brought up.”

A DVD of Alan Chapman’s original police interview was played at Nottingham Crown Court on Tuesday.

The court was told how the 27-year-old was arrested as he walked free from HMP Stocken in Leicestershire.

In the interview he was asked about a letter he sent to Mr Moss from prison. In it he threatened to “Send my mate round to beat the f out of you.”

When asked the reason he sent the letter he responded: “The reason I sent the letter is because he’s p***ing all over the house, my son’s there, he’s always drunk.”

Chapman said he had spoken to his mum (Collette Booth) prior to writing the letter and she had asked if he was OK as one of Mr Moss’s relations had told her he had beaten him up.

Chapman explained to the officers that he hadn’t been beaten up and said: “If I’m in prison and someone beats me up I will stab mans up.

“I’ll fight anyone I don’t care if you’re ten foot tall, twenty foot wide.

“You hit me with your fist I’ll come back with a bat.”

When asked about his state of mind when he sent the letter later in the interview, Chapman said: “I sent the letter because I was angry I didn’t mean anything by it.”

He also revealed that he had known Mick nearly all of his life and had always “got on all right with him.”

When he found out that Mick was dead he said he was shocked.

He added: “When he wasn’t drinking he was a nice guy. I had respect for him. He helped my mum out with my son which was nice of him.”

Chapman is accused of 48-year-old Mr Moss’s murder along with his mum Collette Booth, friend and former cell mate Jamie Elliott and Nathan Hall.

Mr Moss was allegedly beaten to death at his Canal Street home on January 30 this year.

All four deny the charges.

The trial is continuing.